What is The Chalk?

The Chalk is your Post-Production partner for improving the quality of your productions. You have great ideas; but as experienced producers of content we know production doesn't always go as planned. The Chalk Visual Effects specializing in solving your problem without the need for costly reshoots. The math is easy!

Imagine there's strong wind on the day you scheduled your aerial shots. Perhaps some onlookers decided to watch your shoot and are consequently in your shots. Or the steady-cam was not so steady. Fix it in Post! This reviled adage refers to fixing the problem with clever editing or color correction. With The Chalk on your team you no longer have to fix it, rather take those problem shots and improve them so they cut into your story as you planned.

As Visual Effects specialists The Chalk expertly handles greens screens, 3D camera tracking, marker removal, and integration of the elements you planned on adding to your shots.

Visit the Show Reel page for examples of effects The Chalk created to help feature films, advertisements, and corporate clients tell their stories.

Principle Artist Thomas Tamura is a certified by The Foundry to teach Nuke. He currently teaches Advanced Digital Compositing at Colorado Film School.  photo certified-nuketrainer_zps1fba9b7f.png

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