Recent Clients

Kevin McMullin | Director "First Prize"

I worked with Thomas this past spring on an HBO short film. Thomas was extremely professional, generous with his time, and consistently met deadlines. He augmented an live-action dinosaur puppet with slight sub surface muscular movement, and also keyed out our puppeteer to great effect for a rate that we could not find matched by other SFX artists.

Ed Kramer

Former Senior Technical Director - Industrial Light and Magic
Professor - Colorado Film School

Thomas Tamura was an outstanding student of mine at Regis University and the Colorado Film School. In the course of that work, I was impressed with Thomas's advanced level of understanding of visual effects concepts and techniques, and I found him a valuable member of our production crew. He is highly skilled at 2D effects using Nuke software, including compositing, motion tracking and green-screen work, and I have begun using him professionally outside of the classroom environment. He is also a really nice guy and works really hard and enthusiastically on a shoot. . .

Nisan Dag | Director " The Marvelous Fishman"

I really enjoyed working together and I am lucky that I found you, who made this film so much better! Because in our editing rooms all the computers face the center, people have been seeing the fishman with no fx versus now with the fx. People are super impressed with your work, I thought I should let you know.

Erik Bien | Gaffer "For the Love of Ghosts"

Can I just say one more time how unbelievably freaking glad I was to have you were there playing VFX nanny to Jim, Walter & myself? I lost count of how many times you save our asses, making sure we had enough exposure on the green screen, remembering to get clean plates, sanity checks on the RAW monitoring, etc. So many potential self-inflicted wounds spotted quickly enough we could avoid them and still make our very ambitious day, essentially right on time, even with *NO* clock-watching A.D. and a director and D.P. riffing off the storyboards. To top it all off, you still somehow found time to throw together a rough comp to show off at wrap! Ninja VFX Supervisor. Seriously.

Sean Solimon | Director

The Chalk supervised compositing and completed over 500 shots, totaling 24 minutes of the final film.  Working remotely from Aurora Colorado, Thomas supervised artists around the world, including: Brazil, UK, Spain, and here in the USA.

Thomas has excellent Nuke comping skills. He is extremely reliable and does not stop till the job is done with a desire to see a project come through. He is also eager to keep expanding his skills, and is extremely helpful in finding solutions to problems. I would work with him again anytime.

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